How Syndication Works


Favourites Racing Syndication is the ideal way to get involved in racehorse ownership whether you are new to horse racing or for those looking to increase their existing involvement. Syndication offers members a flexible approach to ownership with the opportunity to invest with shares in multiple horses thus increasing the chances of success. Favourites Racing Syndication also provides a perfect way to make friends along the way whether it’s meeting up at yard visits or during days out at the races.

Getting Involved:

With Favourites Racing Syndication, you are offered a chance to buy a share(s) of a racehorse(s) so you actually own your chosen share of each horse and are not just paying to lease a horse.

We sell shares at a minimum of 10%, therefore there will never be any more than 10 shareholders in any one horse.

Monthly Membership Fees:

Favourites Racing Syndication membership fees cover the trainers all inclusive training fees of £500.00 +VAT per month per 25% share (pro rata) which includes all of the usual fees associated with having a racehorse in training so members are easily able to calculate their monthly outgoings.


As a limited company, Favourites Racing Syndication have to charge VAT on all of their invoices.

However, good news……. Favourites Racing Syndication can claim back all of the VAT on your behalf on both purchase & training fees as part of the racehorses owners VAT scheme.

Other Syndicate Members:

At Favourites Racing Syndication, we sell shares at a minimum of 10%, therefore you will never have to share your horse with any more than 9 other shareholders.  This means that adequate numbers of badges for race days are rarely a problem and we will always do our best to accommodate all of our shareholder’s needs.

Keeping Up To Date:

You will be regularly kept up to date with how your horse is progressing throughout its training programme and race plans on the run up to the time where an entry is made. Race entries are made 6 days in advance and then declarations to definitely run are made 48 hours (on the flat) and 24 hours (National Hunt) before the day of the race.  You will be informed when your horse has been entered and then again at the declaration stage to confirm whether he /she will definitely run.


If you are interested in becoming a syndication member with Favourites Racing then please see individual horses for specific details or contact us at: